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Living somewhere in between reality and a dream.
Lover of animals, beaches, fitness, books, music, art, traveling, laughing and beautiful souls.
Advocator of peace, love and happiness.
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Me Va La Vida En Ello - Silvio Rodriguez

Que bonita!

Last night I had a mini panic attack about graduating next weekend. I started thinking about what my next move should be, is it the right decision, will I be successful, will I be proud of myself, will I end up with everything I want, will my dreams become a reality, will the real world be good to me… A million questions and no answers had me freaking out. I called my boyfriend to vent and even though he told me to relax, I just couldn’t. All of a sudden he started playing Appletree by Erykah Badu and my tears stopped flowing, my breathing slowed down, and my mind felt at ease. I said to him, “thank you so much for that” and he replied with, “what did I do?” as he sang one of my favorite songs off key. He didn’t even realize what he was doing and what an impact it was having on me, and I just knew immediately that he is the man God sent for me. He didn’t have to try, all he had to do was be himself, singing one of my favorite songs and making me laugh was all I needed. For the rest of the night we stayed on the phone singing old neosoul songs to each other and it was perfect. It made me realize that although I may not have all the answers now, I’m going to trust my path and enjoy the adventurous ride I know that life will be.